Premiere: Miguel Lobo – Mister Sorry Not Sorry [TBX Records]

The special 50’th TBX Release brings Miguel Lobo with his latest release, called ‘Mister Sorry Not Sorry’, featuring two original tracks that are sure to captivate minimal enthusiasts. The title track is characterized by a tight bassline interwoven with groovy drums and percussions, while synths and vocal cuts add a cool and catchy vibe to the track. On the other hand, ‘Cuatro Cinco Seis’ starts with intriguing glitches that evolve into a highly energetic tune once the bass drops. Spanish vocals and vintage sample add an extra layer of atmosphere, creating a perfect minimal groover that will get dancefloors moving. Miguel Lobo’s ‘Mister Sorry Not Sorry’ release is a must-have for any minimal lovers looking for cutting-edge tracks with a distinct and captivating sound. Enjoy!

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