Premiere: PARKER. – LDN TING (James View Remix) [Doozie Records]

For the debut release on Doozie Records, head honcho PARKER lays down a solid representation of the label’s marquee sound. Showcasing what he’s pushing, playing, and most importantly visualising.

The LDN TING EP (DR001) is made up of 4 unique tracks, all of which combined give us a taste of the real vision PARKER had upon creating the label, and what we can expect more of.

First out of the box is LDN TING, a definite mover. Tight drums and vocal tease, this one’s got a real old-school feel. Keen ears will pick up the garage inflection.

Next up is Mr. Organizer, rather aptly named. A sumptuous blend of punchy bass and killer 90s organ. The two play off each other perfectly and keep it pumping. This one’s got day party written all over it.

Doozie takes a moody line, showing some beautiful chord work at the break, but really all over laying it down. One for the peak time bomb collection.

Hotshot James View is on remix duties, taking us into darker territory with his play on LDN TING. The bassline dominates, drags, and bullies, but behind the groove a lighter synth in play. Fast drums and standout effects settle the score, Hats off to Mr. V, this will no doubt be making serious traction with the scene’s biggest players.

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