Premiere: Luke Humbles – WYWD (Above The Watering Hole) [Above The Watering Hole]

“Introducing a fresh new label – Above The Watering Hole (A T W H)

Fuelled by the underground side of House Music, the team value staying authentic and persuing their passion for sharing the music with the people, above all.

For their first of many releases, the leading man behind the brand Luke Humbles provides a stunning & gorgeous 3 track EP.

The title track for this project sets the tone and establishes the core of what this label is all about. Heads down, proper groove music coupled with all the luscious pieces of ear candy that make up a great atmosphere on the dance-floor. The synth work here from Luke is exquisite, the swirling movement for the breakdown gives you a chance to get lost in the rhythm all before being brought straight back into the vibe by a tasteful vocal sample – “What you wanna do?”

“Jungle Bounce”
Now it’s no secret that the task of a warm up DJ is a very hard one… and for that they need to have just the right tracks that are going to work. Not too full on, not too high energy, but a perfect intermediate. This is where Jungle Bounce places itself perfectly, bound to get hips swaying & feet tapping, it’s the bassline for us here that really stands out. The percussion swings superbly & sits in the pocket of the groove in all the right ways.

“Fading Memories”
To round off this stellar debut release from ATWH we have a slight raise in energy with Fading Memories. This is definite fabric material! The hi hats are forceful + driving, whilst the kick is pumping. Again, there are some beautiful synth stabs / FX here, Luke really shows his skills as a producer and his ability to soundscape.An excellent all round first release for the label with a track for every occasion. We look forward to following their journey and can’t wait to hear more from them!”

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