Premiere: Malikk & Sirus Hood – Booty Side [Mood Child]

MOOD CHILD is the new artistic platform of DJ/Producers, SIRUS HOOD & MANDA MOOR.

Evolving from a collective idea during our difficult pandemic period, MOOD CHILD is, at its centre, about community, collaboration, friends and family. Working together, feeding each others creativity and forging fresh and exciting new sounds and projects.

MOOD CHILD is an invitation to a journey that blends different feelings, emotions and desires. To activate your inner child. Reinvigorate the wild, primitive and unfiltered state of being and create an almost divine sense of unity. All through the power of music and art.

Their first release, as its title suggests, brilliantly displays the labels primal perception… ‘Homo Sapiens’ is the mood child of Sirus Hood and Malikk. Four carnal creations, all guaranteed to ignite a rabid dancefloor response.

‘Booty Side’ uses its compass to expertly navigate its way through bubbling acid and rolling snares as we go in search of Jack, while the title track will have us going ape to its chest-beating bump and knuckle-dragging groove.

Silverback beats swing low on the flip too as ‘King MTF Kong’ bites hard with its heavy Chicago hustle and detuned synth, while the feral Juke-infused finale, ‘Gorilla Walk’, is a break-neck bass-driven and bruising encounter that is more Jersey club than Empire State building.

It’s time to connect with your MOOD CHILD.

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