Premiere: JUST2 – Gordon Blue [REECORDS]

Romanian DJ, producer, and label-owner JUST2 marks the 37th Reecords release with ‘Gordon Bleu’ EP, delivering two infectious originals as he has accustomed us over the last few years. Coming from a long path to bigger and bigger stages, starting in 2011 with being the co-owner of ‘Get Funky Music’ alongside Luca M, to more recent hits on SOLID GROOVES and Deeperfect, to name a few, Radu brings to our basement his own rominimal groovy approach.

The entitled ‘Gordon Blue’ features a tight scattering groove, crisp drums, a bulbous bassline, and twisted gloomy vocals, whilst ‘Kenburn’ offers more B-side atmospheres with a fat kick drum, mental, obsessive synths, and simple groove patterns for a truly hypnotic tool.

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