Premiere: Vito Natoli – Para Encontrarte [Hooj Choons]

The legendary Hooj Choons is back with a fresh EP from Vito Natoli. The always on point Mark Hawkins serves up the superb remix.

Opener Emotions is a steamy cut with alluring vocals and layers of rich melody. The drums and bass are stiff but the chords are liquid and a great vocal finishes it in style.

Galactic Chords (Mark Hawkins Remix) is then a twitchy rework with warm rushes of synth, prickly percussion and searing lines that get you raved up and ready to go. Para Encontrarte closes down with a deeper vibe, but again some nice hallucinogenic melodies and dropping watery sounds are next to a spoken word vocal.

These are three kaleidoscopic and tripped out tunes that get you raved up and ready to go.

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