Premiere: Biianco – Get Right Ft Dread MC [Ugly Cry LLC]

Refusing to conform to any kind of norm, BIIANCO returns with their second record of the year this time linking up with iron-lunged Bristolian MC and vocalist Dread MC. Out via Venice Music their single ‘Get Right’ flawlessly fuses BIIANCO’s brand of experimental dance music and Dread MC’s raw UK sonics.

Discussing the new record BIIANCO says: “There isn’t a meaning behind ‘Get Right’ as much as it’s a feeling. This track is my attempt to capture adrenaline pumping reckless abandon. I recorded myself singing those lollipop rap lyrics 30 bpm slow and speeding them up / chopping them to create that effect. But the best part of making this track was me hitting up my pal, Dread MC, whose voice, music and influence I’ve revered for quite a while. This was the most effortless song I’ve ever created and it captures so much of what led me to move to the UK.”

Dread MC explained: “For me plain and simple this track is naughty. I love making exciting, creative music you can play whenever and wherever and feel something from it. It has been so cool to make music with Biianco.”

‘Get Right’ is high energy, a perfect peak time dancefloor destroyer to set any club or festival stage ablaze. The single broaches UK Garage and bassline, perfect for the tripped out vocals Dread MC delivers throughout, and is a testament to BIIANCO’s production prowess which dart between various styles of dance music. Their previous single ‘Money Power, Freedom’ evoked big energy tech-house vibes, while 2022’s single ‘Close To Love’ is deeper and more thought-provoking in its existence.

So how do you sum up BIIANCO? Well, in their own words, they’re just here to make music to “dance and ugly cry to”. In our words, they are a dance revolution and ‘Get Right’ is yet another example of this.

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