Premiere: Ben Rau – Heat it Up [MicroHertz]

MicroHertz are pleased to welcome the talents of INKAL label owner Ben Rau to the imprint with a delectable two tracker titled ‘You Got Me Running EP’, which is a release that has featured heavily in Archie Hamilton’s recent sets.
Ben Rau has a knack for getting to the heart of what the dance floor needs and wants, and that’s because he’s spent more than his fair share of time there. With releases on labels including Knee Deep in Sound , his own INKAL imprint and the iconic BBE Music , plus gigs all over the world everywhere from Amnesia to Glastonbury, BPM to Pitch Festival and a previous Fuse residency, his is a dance floor journey that is decades in the making. His music is regularly supported by a who’s who of those in the industry and his debut release on MicroHertz is set to continue those high standards.
For his first release on MicroHertz he unleashes his ‘You Got Me Running EP’, and first out of the box is the lead and title track ‘You Got Me Running’ which will get people running to the dance floor when they hear it. With its bouncing bassline, vocal hook, and energetic feel this is definitely one that will have the floor full and people
On the flip side is ‘Heat It Up’. This has been a big performer for both Hamilton and Rau in their recent sets and it’s a classy groove laden affair which is Ben Rau’s signature sound. Its captivating rhythm and vocal hook give this it’s exceptional quality and the energy really comes through and gets the dance floor in rapture. Both MicroHertz and Ben Rau have a reputation for releasing standout music that stands the test of time which makes this yet another must have release on Archie Hamilton’s influential imprint.

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