Premiere: Yaroslav Kinsky – Arange [Same Mind]

After a short break, Yaroslav Kinsky returns to his Same Mind with a second solo EP featuring a remix by the man who needs no introduction, the much-loved and highly respected Romanian artist Mihai Popoviciu.

Yaroslav continues to delve into the endless world of modular synthesis, using various modular synthesizers, drum machines, and other analog gear.

What’s new is that Yaroslav improvised with Prophet-10 analog synth when making this EP, and you can hear its powerful and distinctive sound. Hardware sequencer Cirklon 2 also greatly influenced the final result.

Experiments with a new sequencer allowing for flexible use of the Eurorack system and a new analog synth brought advanced and exciting solutions to creating new ideas and, as a result, brought something new to his music. But at the same time, Yaroslav stays within its own already recognizable sound.

Our minds need music as much as our souls need love. If you feel the same way, we are of the Same Mind.

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