Premiere: Loht Vostok – Kaleo [Future Is Now Records]

US Label Future Is Now kickstarts their 2023 campaign with further outstanding output. This time they have Loht Vostok at the helm, and a slick remix from Adonis Rivera to accompany the timeless originals. The “Kaleo” EP addresses animated yet stripped back sounds with a distinctive groove.

“Oye Oye” cruises on a loopy elastic bass arrangement, the driving force being the clinical drums, conversing blissfully with the tripped out jet-like synths and pads which take your mind for a walk. Broken drum patterns tease you down a mysterious path in “Ladanza”, Vostok manages to capture an eccentric atmosphere between quirky elements and the percussion. The Adonis River remix of “Ladanza” steers in a more direct narrative, pumping peak time action layered with subtle acid tones, and ravey beeps and bleeps. Last but not least is the title track, “Kaleo”, a blissful balance of depth and emotion, but enough energy to move the dance floor. A track for the hazy morning hours of the club.

Future Is Now continues to curate a stellar catalogue utilising artists they find along the way, not considering trends or the norm, giving artists a chance to showcase their most innovative of sounds. Plenty of FIN action in the works for 2023.

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