Premiere: Lucas Alexander Ft Jeris Spencer – Connect Pedwar [TBX Records]

We’re happy to introduce the futuristic ‘Alright Or What’ EP, a completely out-of-focus work of art. Lucas Alexander is dropping at TBX Records an amazing two-tracker with powerful vibrations and a distinctive musical mark. This man is credited with the UK night culture movement and isn’t afraid to experiment with sounds, encouraging you to go into his underground sound, which is been released on some of the most prominent labels of the industry, such as MOXY and Meta. The EP begins with the ‘Alright Or What’ and brings some fresh vibes consisitng of tigh low-end work, catchy rythm and funky vocal laying on top of the beat. The b-side is perpesented by ‘Connect Pedwar’, that was co-written by Lucas and Jeris Spencer. Spencer’s singing perfectly accompanies the basic groove that Lucas created. The song features a great bassline, percussion, and deep components that will get you moving. It is full of energetic vibes.

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