Premiere: Dj Larry G. – Wacky Rigatoni [Digital Delight]

This track is a deep and uplifting dance floor oriented piece that is sure to get you moving. With its focus on a deep and driving bassline, the track creates a sense of energy and excitement that is perfect for the dance floor. The melodies are uplifting, with a strong emotional resonance that is sure to lift your spirits. The track is structured
in a way that is optimized for the dance floor, with a steady beat and a strong sense of progression that keeps you moving. The overall sound is oriented towards creating a unique, immersive experience that is perfect for dancing and letting loose. This is a track that is sure to keep the energy high and the crowd engaged on the dance floor.

DJ Larry G is a DJ and producer from a small village in Northern Germany. Already as a teenager he had a strong passion for electronic music. It all solidified after his first visit to an illegal rave. After that, his love for house music and the scene was sparked. He quickly started to DJ himself, first digitally then soon on vinyl. After a few small gigs in the surrounding small towns, more followed in Hamburg e.g. at Fundbureau, Wasserschaden, Universum. The sound of his sets varies from acid house to very minimal deeptech, to trance-like tracks and back again, whereby the love for the house groove can always be heard. The current productions of DJ Larry G are partly minimalistic, deep or house-like. In any case something for the dance floor and to move.

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