Premiere: Andre Salmon & Teddy Wong – The Wonx [Hot Creations]

cuadorian musician, sound engineer and producer Andre Salmon collaborates with Teddy Wong, Jorge Andrade, Le Roi Carmona and Michael Joseph for their first collective release on Hot Creations. The three-track EP is a rumbling journey through club-ready tech house, shaped by glistening beats, thick basslines and groovy melodies.

The creative process was lengthy, but eventually, the group got there in the end. “The inspiration and idea behind this EP came from movies and old vibes,” says Andre. “It all started with a call from my friend Teddy Wong, who developed some grooves and sent them to me. I started working on it with Jorge Andrade for the third song on the B-side, and I came across Le Roi Carmona. He sent me a loop, and then I passed that to Michael Joseph, who started working immediately on the idea. Then he sent it back to me for the level-up.” The title track simmers with a chunky bassline and a giggly vocal sample, in tandem with Spanish lyrics and a catchy melody. Co-produced with Teddy Wong, The Wonx follows suit with a more laidback mood and a twinkling synthline. Snappy percussion and glitchy vocals add a clubby feel. On the flip, Andre joins forces with Le Roi Carmona and Michael Joseph on La Piel De Salmon. A weird and wonky melody ensues, aligned with Hot Creations’ signature take on house music. Ethereal Spanish vocals build tension in the breakdown before erupting into a colossal, bass-heavy groove.

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