Premiere: Tommy Vicari Jnr – Look in your eyes (Cosenza Remix) [POLITICS OF DANCING RECORDS]

The ever wonderful Politics Of Dancing come with four remixes of label stalwart Tommy Vicari Jnr jumping, pumping house stormer ‘Look I Your Eyes’, each carefully crafted to cover slightly different areas of the dancefloor. The Silverlining Night dub remix takes pride of placer on side A, a mix of two halves for sure – it starts of all full pelt, adds a subtle layer of disco-style strings and then drops to a dramatic breakdown before re-building brick by brick. Josh Baker’s version has a slightly 80s feel with its mechanised handclaps and swooping synths wrapped in echoey vocals, the Lowris mix is arguably the most no nonsense, straight ahead thumper and then we’re left to luxuriate in the sumptuous ooze of Cosenza’s dub house re-reub, taking us all the way back to the days of Guerrilla at their h=eight. Capital!

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