Premiere: Vridian – Khyber [Qilla Records]

Coming in hot on the established Qilla Records is Indian DJ and producer, VRIDIAN, he crafts out four innovative cuts for the tastemakers and discerning diggers amongst us. The “Khyber” EP leans towards the curious end of the house and techno spectrum, creating some immersive and atmospheric dance floor action, following on from his “Knowbot” release back in 2019 on the label.

Thriving on shady and hypnotic loops is opening track “Basantar”, swaying amongst the midst of the hazy after hours, dreamy synths and pads breathing life into the crisp drum patterns. “Caspian Sea” follows a more direct narrative, mechanically chugging throughout, taking the listener on a dubby techno quest through otherworldly elements. Title track “Khyber” is a prime example of a track building up a healthy tension before allowing the dance floor to breathe again, melodic, and mysterious tones simmering as the eccentric track continues to develop throughout. The final encounter sees VRIDIAN collaborate with Manjumasi founder Atish, “Postlude” is a transcending glance into the future, enchanted by the evocative tones that brush by, painting a situation of tranquillity right before your eyes.

Stellar output once more from VRIDIAN, showcasing his deep and emotive sound with four cuts speaking to you in a unique language, unravelling your thoughts and leading them astray, fitting the bill perfectly in line with the Qilla Records ethos.

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