Premiere: COHEMA – Forever Sound [Savia Park]

COHEMA is an electronic music duo, full of taste, rhythm and fusion, part of the Local Fuzz collective. A project that seeks to sweeten the electronic music scene with their special flavor, from one of the most ancestral cities in the New World: Quito, Ecuador.

COHEMA’s productions and sets, always rhythmic and playful, are characterized by a great musical versatility and the conjunction of different genres and styles, without ever taking a step backwards—as far as rhythm is concerned. In other words, COHEMA equals freedom. A freedom always rhythmic, that does not allow to anticipate its changes, submerging you, when you least expect it, in deep atmospheres where the dynamic drums of the TR8 will become the only and joyful salvation.

The 44th issue of Savia Park presents COHEMA with four fundamental pieces. Forever Sound, an organic mix of TR8 and the VST U-he Diva, pleases us with a deep intro that rises through a break beat to become a house track where we yearn for the continuous bass drum.

Up Front is a mix of break with ambient and house melodies and vocals, synthesized in a rhythmic 4/4.

On the other hand, 234, is a piece whose main intention is to dance. A piece of cult and Club, makes us perceive its bass as something organic and stellar, without limits, accompanied by delicious breaks, to continue the night, and if we have to stop, it will only be for a brief moment.

Reality, the piece that gives its name to the EP, has long and suggestive vocals, in which bass and ambient get mixed at the same level, to generate a psycho-acoustic sensation worthy of the eighties.

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