Premiere: Diego Viera – Supermassive Black Hole [Underyourseat]

Coming in hot this summer is number 13 from Javier Carballo and Berna’s UnderYourSeat Label. Unlucky for some but not for Diego Viera as he steps up to take you on a spaced out trip, four cuts of dance floor action titled “In Our Own Galaxy”.

Opener “Sprawling Systems” consists of chunky drum patterns, and a funk laden groove at the heart that packs a punch. “Stars That Spin” furthers this otherworldly trip with glistening beeps and bleeps breathing life into the chugging forward motion of the track. Diego serves an eccentric encounter with “Telescope From Earth”, intelligent arrangement makes this a stand out mysterious journey with a unique array of broken beats and bass. Firing on straight energy is the final track of the EP, “Supermassive Black Hole”, immediately you are greeted with an enormous kick, and ice cold hi-hats, teasing you down a road of curiosity, and tripped out sounds.

Carballo and Berna continue to ensure UnderYourSeat remains a sought after label with his careful and innovative curation, supplying stellar sounds from rising producers for the collections of tastemakers.

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