Premiere: Mariche – The Way (Legit Trip Remix) [Straight Ahead Music]

Mariche presents: The Way, a brand new EP on Straight Ahead Records. September 2022 – Mariche is a visionary artist with a unique creative vision. The producer’s music is direct and personal, with powerful lyrics to match the memorable melodies and catchy arrangements. Mariche’s sound feels like a striking combination of Minimal and House. The artist’s most recent release, The Way, combines the best of those genres, while also exploring shades of many other creative influences in terms of production excellence. It’s all about balance, and Mariche is a master at measuring the dynamics of the sound design, creating a great compromise between quality songwriting, and appealing production aesthetics. The EP kicks off with a cinematic introduction, and eventual delves into a textural and edgy beat. The artist’s unique vocal flow is one of the most distinctive elements within the mix. The songs on this EP are balanced and direct, offering a textural style that highlights Mariche’s skills as an electronic music pureveyor, with a passion for the old-school scene and the contemporary flow alike. Find out more about Mariche, and do not miss out on The Way, and other exciting releases from this talented artist.

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