Premiere: Tom Frankel – The Never Ending Story [Conspiracy]

The tinfoil hats are back on and it seems nowhere is safe. Disturbing reports of government surveillance birds that watch our every move from high in the sky have forced the fine folk at Conspiracy HQ to act. For absolutely no scientific or justifiable reason, we believe that sending specifically targeted house music frequencies into the airwaves will fry the circuits of these privacy invaders and free us from the tyranny that watches over us.

In reality, we just wanted to combine some of our favourite musical minds from around the world, from Peru to the UK, Georgia to South Korea, to present the 18th release on the label and our third ‘Various Artists’ compilation.

So either we achieve our goals of eliminating the surveillance birds, or the governments of the world now have a couple of extra bombs in their arsenal. Fingers crossed for the former.
Take that pigeons!

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