Premiere: Elléot & Andrey Djackonda – Back To Me [Surge Recordings]

Surge Recordings has cultivated a reputation as a
record label with a hotbed of talent ranging from emerging artists to leading names in house music. This release is no different, living up to their name with a ‘sudden powerful movement’ taking things up a notch with a heavyweight remix package to complement this irresistible offering from Elléot and Andrey Djackonda.
The record starts off with ‘All I Want’ straight in with some tasty drum work and delicate vocals which build throughout the track, combine this with the warm and wobbly pads and dreamy synth work and you have a sure-fire hit!
Next up is ‘Back to Me’ coming in with swung and skippy drums accompanied by deep sultry vocal cuts, gorgeously jazzy piano chords and dreamy pads – a truly dreamy number oozing class and soul.
‘Thiago’ is an ode to Elléot’s newborn son. Kicking off with a light and bright organ before bringing in a snappy drum beat and vocals oozing attitude. Cap this off with an infectious and bubbling groove to underpin this beat and you have a tune Elléot’s newborn will be proud of for years to come.
‘Resku’ starts in a dreamlike state with a sample of the renowned angelic voice of Sade and the duo gives a generous helping of this gorgeous vocal throughout. The track picks up the pace with some trademark skippy drum patterns and swirling synth elements throughout. The outcome is a dreamy number perfect for the warm-up or wind-down.
Moving on to arguably the biggest remix package of 2022, with house legend Sidney Charles first up and his take on ‘All I Want’ bringing a funky uplifting twist to proceedings. Following on from this is East End Dubs bringing his inimitable bassline flavour to ‘All I Want’ coupled with some tasty grooves to boot. Cologne-based production maestro DJOKO steps up to deliver a beautiful remix of ‘Thiago’ bringing his feel-good house style to the remix sure to be a summer staple in DJ sets. Subb-an provides the proverbial cherry on top of the divine musical cake, with his dark deep chuggy remix of ‘Resku’ perfect for when things get weird and wonky in the club.

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