Premiere: Michel de Hey – Spierpijn [MicroHertz]

A welcome back is in order for this brand spanking new MicroHertz release, and we couldn’t be happier bringing back fan favourite, and one of our favourites, Mr. Michel De Hey.

Hailing from Amsterdam, Michel doesn’t really need an introduction, but for those of who have yet listened to his music or seen him perform, here’s a little rundown. Renowned for his 30 years of experience in the field, a worldwide respected DJ, producer, label boss and promoter, he was one of the first Dutch DJs to explore the rest of the world, playing high profile gigs from Berlin and Ibiza to Japan and the US. He’s been supported by a who’s who or those in the industry and we0re very happy to welcome him back to the label once again.

To begin this EP Michel brings us the title track ‘Spierpijn’ (muscle sprain) in English…and you know what it’s a fitting name as this can easily because your legs will ache from dancing to this track. De Hey brings the heat with a simple yet driving beat, a rumbling bassline and some nasty top drums. That together with some wicked vocal samples, catchy synth stabs and moving pads, this got dance floor chaos written all over it.

On the B-side he drops ‘Chain Affair’. A non-stop groover that builds from start to finish and takes its energy from the powerful beats, before the stabs once again takes over and together with the rolling, never ending bassline punts this out of orbit. Enjoy!

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