Premiere: Miguel Lobo Ft Rayzir – In Time [TBX Records]

Miguel Lobo, a Madrid-born Spanish minimal house beast, is the next artist to release music on TBX Records. His magnificent ‘In time’ EP includes three original works of art. The title tune combines rapid drumming, a lively bassline, and hypnotic vocalizations by Rayzir – an incredible voice owner. ‘Brokenheart Club’ begins with glitchy percussion sounds, while soulful voxes lie on top of the track’s groove-filled bassline to create a pleasant mood. The ep’s final track, ‘The place to be,’ has a powerful kick-drum that produces a rumbling bass end, and it develops into an excellent groover with ethereal vocal cuts and a wonderful organ sound that will have you tossing back and forth between dreams and reality. Enjoy!

Supported by: Jamie Jones, Enzo Siragusa, Archie Hamilton, Toman, Joseph Capriati, Dimmish, Jesse Maas, Fabe, Leon, Silvie Loto, Madvilla, Djebali, Timid Boy, Steve Lawler, Mahony, Nacho Bolognani, Aldo Cadiz, Daniel Orpi, Mendo, Claude Von Stroke, GruuvElement’s, Paco Osuna, Davide Squillace, Tommy Vercett, Somersault, TwoSlice, SUAT, Rigzz, Jizz, Dande and many more…

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