Premiere: Eszter – Polyphony [Durch Die Nacht]

The highly appreciated Durch Die Nacht brand branches out this summer as they launch their new record label, an extension of the popular events that they run amongst the bubbling community in Cologne. To inaugurate the label, DDN resident Eszter steps up to the plate; her meticulous yet curious sound represents everything the label stands for. The “Polyphony” EP explores distinct melodic textures that converse with driving techno rhythms.

Title track “Polyphony” is an exploration of crisp drum arrangements, icy hi-hats brush past as mysterious chords and synths begin to work their way into the picture. Otherworldly voices tease in and out transcending the listener as they work their magic. Like its partner, “Mellow” shares a similar form of particularly placed elements, which all work in harmony together. A chugging body drives the track as it develops, intertwining with shimmering sounds that ricochet off of each other. Classy productions from Eszter, as she showcases her remarkable sound.

The debut EP of the Durch Die Nacht label speaks for itself, with the term “start as you mean to go on” ringing loud here. The DDN collective have a host of announcements in the coming months to compliment the label launch.

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