Premiere: Phonique & Bakka (BR) – Unexpected [Terranova]

Legends collide in the latest body of work from Spanish label Terranova Records. Steering the ship for number 16 is the renowned Phonique, alongside Brazilian artist Bakka. Their “Unexpected” single is a masterclass of melodic and emotive textures but maintaining the ethos to make you move. The sought after Scoom Legacy remix compliments the release as he takes you on an eccentric trip, in a style and fashion only he knows how.

The original from Phonique and Bakka rumbles amongst the dark depths of the middle of the night, creeping around in a meticulous manner to transcend the listener allowing your thoughts to run wild. Crashing drums drag the track in a forward motion towards the particularly arranged breakdown which simmers at the heart of the track before throwing you back to earth. A track that will surely move you physically and mentally.

Drawing inspiration from the original Scoom Legacy delivers his eclectic remix of “Unexpected”. Chunky drum work drives the song forward as shimmering synths shine brightly beyond the realms of reality. Time and time again Scoom conjures up innovative sounds, always straining the boundaries between sounds and that is why he fits so perfectly with the forward thinking label.

Featuring Phonique & Bakka (BR) on the label is a milestone moment for Terranova, and label regular Scoom Legacy does a fantastic job on the remix, a sure hit this summer amongst the most diverse of DJs.

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