Premiere: Mickael Espinosa – Discoteca (Bobby Shann Remix) [Studio 405]

Mickael Espinosa releases on Studio 405 a special single with different characteristics, this time with “Discoteca” including Remixes by well-known Artists such as Bobby Shann and Jizz.

The original mix of ‘Discoteca’ comes with a heavy bass line that guides your dance steps, has a clever layering of an old school Latin vocal with great production details, and an awesome break for one of the most original tracks Mickael Espinosa has released.

Jizz’s remix on Discoteca opens up with some fat and heavy drums and rolling bass. It’s a track full of tension and when it cuts loose, the latin vocal bursts out and will light up any dance floor with its fresh sense of soul and pure euphoric emotions.

To close the Single, Bobby Shann’s remix features more of the Tech-House foundation that you come to expect from him. DJs around the globe always playing his tunes, which makes him a must-hear artist on this release. The remix elects to go for a driving flow and the energy of this track is at full peak, which makes it a choice for the peak hours of the nightclubs.


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