Premiere: Nebulaee – Jupiter Track [La Vie En Rose]

La Vie En Rose Records dives in with a stunning six-track composition from Portuguese B.Boy and producer Nebulaee, who kicks us off with the ‘Flanger Boy’ EP. His immense experience it’s flawlessly reflected in the vynil-infused beats. The EP unfolds before us like a mixture of brilliantly made masterpieces saturated with an ample amount of groove and swing. Heavyset kicks combined with sizzling percussion rhythms and mesmerizing synth-work are forming a true vinyl sound showcasing Nebulaee’s unparalleled and genre-inspired sound that keeps your body moving. Each of the tracks expands its original vibe forming a unique refreshing sensation, bringing an exceptionally minimal explosion to the table. Welcome on Nebulaee and let’s keep an eye on what to be heard ahead!


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