Premiere: Miller – Same, Dream But Different [Dailycid]

Next on the agenda, DAILYCID 013. On the A side, Data17 returns to Dailycid with 2 more bombs to share. Data17 has been churning out top shelf tracks on the label for a considerable amount of time, a regular face that is more than welcome for fans of dance floor dynamic heaters. On the B side the mighty Miller, Real gang founder and all round beat aficionado. Miller has been killing it over the last few months with some fantastic releases, with plenty more to come from the UK talent.

First up is A1, “Beautiful”. A party starter with a dreamy twist. The mixture of the soothing piano with the bird song really sets the tone for the track. A somewhat nostalgic feeling lingers throughout the track while the vocal samples describe the emotion behind the instruments “strange… beautiful”. “Glory Hole” This one comes straight from the dungeon. Dark, dingy, groovy. The perfect combo. As the track progresses a slightly lighter note comes into play adding a more whimsical tone. A club orientated cocktail of sounds with all of the ingredients working in harmony.

On the B Side, Miller comes in with his track “Don’t Worry About Me” which is truly representing the sound that he has built over the years. First those classic 909 hats strike the beat followed by some seriously killer vocals. This ones sure to slam it on the dance floor this year. Once it ends, you just want to play it again. Lastly, “Same, Dream But Different”. A loopy bass induced tune which is sure to get you in motion. Once again Miller is pulling out all the stops with a powerful track that’s sure to send you straight into the void. The glitchy drums collide with the broken vocals throughout and keep you in a lucid like state. The breakdown draws you into a daze before being launched back in at full throttle.

Again, DAILYCID is sticking to their ethos of top quality tracks on the label with another insane release, a seemingly never ending pit of amazing output. DJ W!LD is truly spoiling us with the selections so far and we can’t wait to see the label develop further in 2021. When will the madness end?

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