Premiere: Stephan Zovsky – Hold Your Ground [3000 Grad Records]

A hologram above the polished mahogany finish of the dashboard reminds us that the engines are already revved up to the maximum. Apart from this information it actually feels as if we are shooting through this hyperspace tunnel in some sort of robotic massage chair. The radio picks up a vocoder voice from another timeline, telling something about Hold Your Ground. We turn our head and look over to Stephan Zovsky sitting at the steering wheel with an enigmatic smile. Now he shifts gears… and wham: All of a sudden we’re in an entirely different reality. It’s very bright, and we’re on the same trajectory as a whirring arpeggio structure. The understated electro vibes and housey implications of Jutta are highly contagious. So it’s no surprise that Angelov asks to take the helm for a while, and now he sends us hurling through a series of audacious loops and vertiginous barrel rolls.

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