Premiere: Lubelski – B Yrself [Superfreq]

The always future facing Superfreq comes correct with a marvellous 80th EP, this time from Lubelski.

Lubelski is a Californian native and producer whose work in house and techno has seen his love of psychedelia and the ever lasting groove sculpt a new niche in West Coast dance music. He brings all his finest multi-instrumentalist skills to the fantastic three tracks on this fresh EP.

B Yrself is a real late night classic, with freaky vocals stitched into a fat groove. The bulbous bass and heavy kicks demand you dance, while the lithe synths bring sci-fi atmospheres. Atlantis Jam is a chunky house cut with another killer baseline, this time peppered with off-grid synth sounds and metallic persuasive sounds that build the tension. Edumacation closes out with the most hard hitting vibe of the EP – crisp, slapping drum funk, busy synth motifs and warming chords all come together to make for something perfectly driving and sweat inducing.

This is another standout ep from Superfreq.

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