Premiere: nse – Tokyo Nights V.I.P [Bandcamp Exclusive]

Artist Bio:

nse – who hails from London, England – is a relative newcomer to underground house as a producer entering the scene in 2020 out of the blue, with a steady stream of productions and releases building up his discography. By the end of 2020 nse signed for the US cult underground house label Cool Contest Records based in LA establishing for himself the recognition from being an unknown producer to a true up and coming underground house artist turning heads on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world.

EP Info:

“Nippon Rising” EP by nse brings together a fusion of old school deep house style sounds which are structured to a modern and more familiar underground minimal house style. 2 Tracks composed by nse takes you on a soulful journey to get your body moving to the rhythm and flow of these rolling beats. “Nippon EP” by nse takes its name from the modern western world’s fascination with the “Orient’ and nse embodies this fascination by the feeling of one looking into their own reflection in the mirror to see a better version of themselves which the music of the EP will take the listener on a deeper and rhythmic journey from their mind into their soul


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