Premiere: Greg May – I Get Lifted [Hottwerk Records]

Following the success of his debut release on Hottwerk, Greg May returns with a full, four-track EP that once again delivers the goods.
Greg May is an Essex based DJ and producer who last landed on this label with the standout ‘Take Me’ and has also released on Stripped and Arcade Pony. He has a long and eventful DJ career behind him that has seen him play all manner of events and often appear on radio stations like Project London and Kiss FM. Now he distils all those experiences into four new flavoursome licks.
The EP opens in spectacular style with the lush piano rave anthem ‘Holloway Holla’. It has enormous potential to unite large crowds in the club and outdoors at festivals (in the hopefully not too distant future!) and become an anthem on the radio. Next up, Greg recalls his hazy 90’s DJ memories by melding UK and New York garage vibes with some searing strings and firing beats on the infectious ‘I Get Lifted’. Keeping up the heat, ’Tangle Twister’ shows Greg’s love of dancehall and dub as it skanks out in jungle fashion with mad 303s and boundless energy. Last but not least, turbo house gem ‘Music Take Control’ brings out the acid once more with its tongue in cheek, throwback euro house vocals topped off with clattering beats and full flavour bass.

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