Premiere: Yogi P – All My Life [Accussi Records]

For its second release, Accussi Records invites Yogi P and Close to Custom for a special two-tracker equally inspired by minimal like the first release of the label.
The vocals of “All My Life” contains a refined housy charm imbued with nostalgia. They resonate with classical American black voices & the rhythmic energy of the finest minimal/tech house production, as well as Romanian groove and the efficiency of Archie Hamilton.

With “All My Life (Close to Custom Remix)”, Ctc transports us to a minimal techno territory with synthesizer layers nebulously acid which are sometimes on the border of flirting with dance-music of the 90’s, particularly under the influence of the voice treatment. Shortly, it is beautifully anachronistic! Two tracks ideally tailored for the dancefloor.

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