Premiere: ADRIANZA & Lucio Agustin – New Generation [Adrianza Records]

Adrianza Records hits double figures with a terrific 10th EP from the mind of label boss Adrianza himself alongside Lucio Agustin, while Jizz offers up a stylish remix.

New Generation is a full flavour house gem with slick electronic beats and silky, spaced out pads. The clattering percussion brings some looseness while vocals add soul. New Generation (Jizz Remix) is super silky and high speed, filled with lush pads and a nice warm vibe, musical keys and feel good grooves that cannot fail to get under your skin.

Finally, In The Game is all twitchy little synth details and rubbery kicks that are perfectly frictionless. It’s a banging tune but with real heart and soul.

With this EP, Adrianza Records once again marks itself out as one of house music’s most vital new labels.

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