Premiere: Abc Collective (Bread&Butter, Eli, Somesan, TmrsTn) – Batranu [Always Bring Cash]

The ABC Collective provided the world with their latest project late on in what was a turbulent year called 2020, and they prove they mean to continue exactly where they left off with further fantastic output on their Always Bring Cash digital offshoot. Five journeys exploring exciting collaborations between the crew members once more, modern minimal music curated with positive energy and affection.

“Batranu’ sways in the morning breeze, with hypnotic beeps and and clean drum arrangements that brush by, a track produced by the four members Bread&Butter, Eli, Somesan, and TmrsTn, the trippy vocal flashing in and out adding the depth to the calculated production. Bread&Butter, Sandru and TmrsTn deliver a moody, and curious outing in “Hau Mai Gad”, transcending and fascinating movements. “Capoeria Night” sees a collaboration between Bread&Butter, Stan and Somesan, blissful pads and synths glisten around a steady body of the track. “Solo Moon” meanders through the sounds of the night, twists and turns leading you down a mysterious road, floating keys flickering continuously, sometimes more prominent than not, created by Bread&Butter and TmrsTn. Closing the EP is an outing from Herck and Stan entitled, “Oui Je Suis” a distinctive groove carrying the track, a track that will definitely become a tool for DJs looking to stretch the minds of their audience.

Timeless and classy minimal from one of the most prolific outfits on the Romanian circuit right now, propelling their sound to the fans of discerning sounds. Vinyl announcements coming soon from the ABC camp.

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