Premiere: One Piece – SPENCE

SPENCE is an up and coming artist/producer/label founder who burst onto the music scene as a solo act back in 2018 with his debut album ‘Loverboy’. As the second half of the live electronic duo: The Party Cyborg, SPENCE has a plethora of experience in the music industry. SPENCE premieres “One Piece”, a belter of a tune as well as 1 of 9 tracks off his upcoming album “Different Suits” which debuts on Dec.16th, 2020. SPENCE is incredibly capable of establishing the right amount of dynamic diversification to ensure that the track is engaging from start to finish. The seamless synchronization of each creative layer forms a trance-like flow that will fully captivate the listener. From the well-balanced mix and creative instrumentation to the catchy hook, fans of SPENCE, as well as those who appreciate new and creative music, will definitely want to hear this single.

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