Premiere: Robin Fett – Fares (Fyrone Remix) [Rendr Records]

Fares, A production sculpted primarily to be heard on the sound-systems of the worlds clubs. A sub-bass that navigates the whole track through out and lays the foundations that allows the percussive elements to stand out on there own. A whirling synth and soulful vocal break the track down until the pin is pulled on the explosion that is the drop.

Don’t Know Why, is another club cut with crisp transients and energizing chord stabs it rolls from bar to bar with ease, gripping the listener with constant curiosity.

Time to rest can easily be labelled as a sophisticated B-side with a no nonsense bass line blended together with shuffling hi hats and the kind of synth leads you’d expect to find in a smokey downtown jazz bar. This one is easy on the ears.

Fyrone takes the role of remixer on this EP. From the offset you can tell the seriousness he puts into his work with an exquisite groove and euphoric melodic elements, he really compliments the original track but with his signature twist.

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